Thomax Green

Writer / Artist


When I was a kid, I would draw snake men with glass bowl-like helmets for air, fighting each other with laser swords, or robots fighting other robots on the moon. Every time I finished a drawing I would show my dad and he would look at it and always say in return: “Son, it’s good but you are not as good as me.” That infuriated me so much and he knew it. But with the criticism I always went back to my desk and tried harder and again. Eventually when I was a teenager I showed him a drawing I did and he finally told me I was better than him. I jumped up and down laughing like a school kid who got his first A+.

So I wanted to get into comics. My first comic that I’ve ever owned is The Invincible Iron Man #99 with Iron Man chained to a rocket ship with the Mandarin ready to pull the deadman’s lever effectively ended the greatest tin man ever known. That issue is still in my desk today. The Next obvious step was to go to the San Diego Comic Con at seventeen, by myself. Needless to say I ran out of money but worse yet every editor who saw my work shot it down hard. After that art became more of a hobby for many years. If someone liked something I was drawing I would simply give it to them because I didn’t see any value in my own work anymore. I put up a few paintings in nightclubs but I kept my dark art to myself.

Until recently I’ve never really tried to sell my art before. I figured it was too weird for most people. But at the Wild West Steampunk Convention I attempted to sell prints, and to my surprise people liked them. I immediately took the money I made and bought myself a bowler hat and a brass compass so I could have items to commemorate my first sells as an artist. Now I do artwork every day and I am apprenticing for a tattoo artist position at Unholy Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio. All the art I have up here you can purchase a signed print of just contact me via this website.

All the art I’ve done here is for sell. Contact me and I’ll be happy to get you a signed print for a small fee of $10.00 per 8 x 10 print plus shipping. Enjoy.