Thomax Green

Writer / Artist

About Me

I once had a day in Astoria, Oregon picking cherries off a cherry tree. There was a misty rain that merely tickled the skin. The lady of the property lent us a basket and a ladder, providing we gave her half of the spoils. The red cherries burst in our mouth as we picked them from the leaves and we innocently laughed as we enjoyed our chore of love. That was a perfect day; it was the art of living, and that’s what I pursue everyday living a life of art.

We have all been other things but the happiest among us learn to be what we love. I am an artist and I always have been. All of life is art. When you become good at something you’ve mastered some angle in your life that makes you a craftsman. An artist: someone who is admired for their grace and skill. We all have something that we excel at, and if you don’t, find it. For once it’s in your grasp you’ll never be unhappy again. Art is an expression of love. Master your art and learn to love yourself. But be leery of the ego. Do not be vain. For what you possess can be taken away.

As for me I dabble in everything: From writing in all categories, visual art in every medium I can achieve, with music with my mandolin and harmonica, I dabble with magic tricks, to a flicker of an interest in acting. I am a spiritualist which means I have no problems with anyone’s beliefs.

This is who I am. I invite you into my world. The door is open, please, come on in. Make yourself at home.


Thomax Green