Thomax Green

Writer / Artist


Ornithopter-VIn Ornithopter V you will find my very first published story; it is one that might see the light of day again soon as an issue of my comic book series Déjà vu.

Ornithopter-VIII1In Ornithopter VIII I have my very first interview ever. If you think I look like David Duchovny now then after you read that interview from years ago you’ll think I’m the real live Hank Moody. Also in this issue are some pages of Déjà vu that were drawn (very badly) by me. If you come across either of these issues or both and want me to sign them for you then contact me via this site and I’ll give you a P.O. BOX to send them to but you’ll have to pay the round trip shipping costs.

After being published twice in Ornithopter I felt accomplished and for a while I didn’t really try to write anymore. The concept of writing was still in its hobby phase. Something to do just for the fun of it. But, right after a life changing event and then meeting my wife I started to realize I wanted to write for other people and not just for myself. I wanted to write the kind of stories that made Jules Verne famous. I wanted to be an innovator, to test the realms of boundaries, ‘If the limit does not approach anything, then the limit does not exist.’ So I sat down read books on how to write and wrote my first novel in a coffee shop in six months (Granted I haven’t written one that quickly again nor do I plan to.) And that’s how I got my start.

 My first novel is a ‘Pick Your Path’ fantasy novel called ‘Preasa’ and unlike ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels, with my version you can pick any of the options for the main character and not worry about dead ends. No matter which way you go you will make it to the end of the book. You can read it fifty-four different times and still have something new happen each read; it is my version of the never ending story.

C.O.W-flier-front-finalMy second novel is a science fiction comedy entitled ‘C.O.W. Creatures of War’ about intelligent cows from outer space that come to Earth and see what we do to their Earth cousins and decide to blow up the planet. Only a handful of humans survive on an experimental spaceship and they spend the entire novel running away from bovine. Even though this novel is a comedy I use realistic science and technology to explain the universe and how it works this way. Just as Galileo published his work as satire I have also put explanations for the big bang in this book which may prove stranger than fiction. You can find it here: Amazon or on your favorite e-reader.

My third novel is a creation of a childhood fantasy of mine. When I used to lie in the grass in the backyard as a kid I would stare up at the clouds and imagine what it would be like if my friends and I had small cupid wings and could play tag on the peaks and valleys of the white fluffy pillows in the sky. So I wrote a book about it called ‘Kylie Cherub’ which is about a young girl in a mountain village that wanders into the woods one day when a cloud has settled around it and meets a boy with wings. He kisses her and with a touch of magic she sprouts wings of her own. They fly up into the clouds and play, but fail to notice that the cloud has drifted far from her mountain home and it is too far to fly back on her own. Now stranded in a floating land with creatures she would never have imagined she needs to find a way back, but in storm clouds there are monsters that would do anything to get their hands on a real live girl.